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Companies turn to Gregg Staffing Solutions when they’re seeking flexibility. We’re able to fill work force gaps, find new employees, and assist in staff transitioning. Clients use our services to:

  • Fill in for absent employees or temporary vacancies
  • Provide extra support during peak seasons
  • Staff special short-term projects
  • Find quality, full-time employees

We specialize in several staffing solutions designed to help your new hire process, optimize employee performance, and manage your bottom line. These include:

  • Temporary/Contract Staffing – Contract or temporary hires provide flexibility to your company’s needs whether it’s to help on a short-term project, fill vacancies and unexpected leaves of absence, or supplement core staff.
  • Temp/Contract-to-Hire – Contract-to-hire staffing, our most popular solution, offers a flexible approach to managing your staff while allowing you to decrease overhead costs. Companies use contract-to-hire for different reasons. Whether it’s because you want a trial period before fully committing to a candidate, you’re unsure of your hiring budget, or because the workload is variable, contract-to-hire allows you and the candidate a window to understand how they work and fit into your organization.
  • Direct Placement – Many of our clients turn to direct placement in order to replace or add key personnel, as well as increase staff for projected growth. Our direct placement process takes full control of recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business.

We will meet with you in order to outline the full scope of responsibilities of the positions and determine which recruiting and selection process to use. Our decades of marketplace knowledge and our high level of client service separate us from other companies and give us the ability to find the talent you need.

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