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One thing that distinguishes us as a leader in the staffing world is our extensive screening process that ensures the safest work environments for our clients and candidates. Our sister company, Application Verification, is a nationally accredited and comprehensive full-service human resource support organization that is in the top 2% of background screening companies. Our screening process includes:

  • Initial Phone Screen – Once we identify a potential candidate our recruiters perform a phone screen to determine how their current and previous work experiences line up with our client’s primary needs. We ask about employment history, training and education, wages they’re looking to earn, areas they’re willing to travel to, and if they’re willing to submit to a drug screen and background check.
  • Face-to-Face Interview – Each viable candidate has a face-to-face with a staffing professional in order to go more in depth into their resume. Previous work experience, primary skillsets, reasons for leaving companies, salary history, and future goals are all covered in these interviews.
  • Pre-Employment Screening Services – All applicants are vetted through professional reference checks, a comprehensive, 50-state background check and, when requested, a 5 or 10-panel substance abuse screening and a driving record check.
  • Skill Assessment – We utilize IBM’s Kenexa software, a leading provider of recruiting and talent management solutions, in order to evaluate candidate skills in multiple areas including administrative support, customer service, and accounting skills.
  • Orientation/Training – When applicable, candidates will complete our safety orientation program and will be given the tools and knowledge necessary to strive in a safe work environment.

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